Bromo Eruption 2015

Bromo indonesia Bromo eruption at December 03, 2015 at 14.00 (Bromo volcano crater it self is not visible) The impact of a heavy rain of volcanic ash from eruptions resulted in disruption of normal activities. By early december concerns were being raised concerning the effect upon the local economy and the potential for long term environmental and health problems amongst the residents in the locality surrounding Mount Bromo. Due to high seasonal rainfall in december the potential for Stone and lava flow was raised due to the deposits of volcanic ash, sand and other ejected material that had built up. Seismic activity was dominated by tremor vibration and reports of visual intensity and sounds of eruption continued to be reported from the mountain monitoring facility, Bromo Observation Post. People living on the banks of the Perahu Ravine, Nganten Ravine and Sukapura River were alerted to the possibility of lava flows, especially when it was raining heavily in the area around Cemorolawang, Ngadisari and Ngadirejo. Eruptions and volcanic the alert status at Mount Bromo remained at (Level III). So until right now bromo also canot for climbing but for visitor they can see sunrise from mentigen hill, view point 2 and view point1.

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