Ijen Crater Tourism

What is Ijen Crater Tourism ?

Ijen Crater this time we will discuss the beauty of the ijen crater, which stores the myriad charms of natural beauty of eastjava – Indonesia and will make anyone who sees it captivated. for those who have never visited this place, maybe the following reviews may make reference before you visit. so from the olders we immediately review it.

Ijen Crater is a crater of a mountain ter-acid in the world. Caldera wall has a height of 300-500 meters, while the extent of reaching 5,466 hectares. For the size of the crater itself approximately 20 km. The crater has a depth of approximately 300 meters below the caldera wall. Indonesia unthinkable if our beloved turns out to have a natural charm that we can be proud in the eyes of the world. Especially citizens of Banyuwangi – East Java, which is very lucky to live in adjacent to the crater.

Ijen Crater name began to be known the world since the arrival of two tourists from France, Nicolas Hulot and his wife Katia Kraft, since 1971. They wrote the story of the charm of the crater along with the hard life of the penambaang chunks of sulfur in the magazine Geo, France. Two things that Being is a major attraction for tourists and photographers the world.

In terms of natural scenery, you do not need to worry, because this tour has a very beautiful natural charm. It’s so beautiful scenery. In the morning, you will be presented with a view sunrise is amazing beside of ijen crater. In addition, the morning sun shining on the crater will be reflected thereby forming the sheen turquoise color of the surface. But you have to be careful – careful water crater that looks very calm the dangerous turns looo. Because the sulfur water in the crater has a water volume of about 200 million cubic meters and heat to 200 degrees, so that when we are desperate to go there, our clothes will melt and not only that, we ourselves also would melt. thank you very much for reading ijen crater tourism object in banyuwangi regency.


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