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Tourism Information B29 Hill

B29 Hill is one way of looking Mount Bromo from another side. Located on the village of Argosari, Senduro, about 40 miles from Lumajang, B29 top is the highest top of the sea sand area with an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. This hill stands on the southeast of Mount Bromo, with a beautiful scenery to stare at. From this top, you can see the sea of sand between  Mount Bromo and Cemoro Lawang village.

In the Argosari Village you will be greeted with friendly smiles of the villagers who are mostly Tengger tribe. Tengger people are believed to be descendants of the Majapahit Kingdown with Hindu as major religian. Although using the Javanese language in everyday life, this tribe use Kawi dialect and maintain ancient language that is no longer used in modern Javanese language.

At the top of B29 Hill, you will get the beauty of Mount Bromo without getting stuck in the crowd of tourists. You will also be treated with wonderful view above the clouds. B29 is one way to enjoy Mount Bromo in silence.

Track and Destinations

Reaching the top, you have to hike up along 1.5 Miles or about 2 hours trekking. Motorcycles are available to take you to the summit. In the rainy season tourists are advised not to bring the motorcycle to the top, because the road becomes slippery and dangerous.

Looking to the north, there’s another top named B30 with 3.000 meters high above sea level. Meanwhile, at south, that is where the stout and sturdy top of Mount Semeru visible.

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