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Water Rafting Adventure is a natural attraction to the genre of adventure or adventure in the form of white water rafting which is located in Probolinggo Regency. Rafting tour is located in the village of Ranu Gedang, Tiris District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java province. Probolinggo Pekalen river that flows fairly heavy, travel slowly begun to attract the interest of both local and foreign tourists. Songa Rafting is one of the mainstays than tourism in Probolinggo district, after the famous Mount Bromo with sunrise and his Bromo crater. Local authorities are trying to improve the facilities and infrastructure for the betterment of the local community economy to constantly monitor and supervise one of the assets the government.
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It is the time for you to leave the comfort of air-conditioned malls or the sophisticated taste of the upscale restaurant. It is the time for you to scream your heart out and have fun when you ride the tides. It is the time for you to enjoy the nature. You might need a three hour car ride from Surabaya to Malang then Probolinggo ,but its totally worth the wait. After applying some sunscreen, put on your rafting equipment, and get some safety explanations after that you are ready to ride the waves!

Pekalen River itself is divided into three parts of rafting tracks. Upper Pekalen has a 12km trip, Middle Pekalen has a 7km trip, and Lower Pekalen has a 10km trip. Whichever track you choose, you will see a beautiful scenery along the way. When you meet a waterfall, usually your guide will give a maneuver so you will end up under the waterfall to feel how fresh the water is. When you row of to the calmer part of the river, your guide will offer you to swim around. My personal favorite is when you go under a big cave where a huge group of bats are resting upside down. Don’t forget to close your mouth when you look up, unless you want to taste some accidental guano.
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Too bad you can’t take a camera while you go water rafting, except when you have a waterproof and shock-resistant camera due to the extreme nature you will face. Of course you don’t want to worry about your camera getting wet or smashed while you are raft.
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